The Steinsaltz Global Jewish Learning Project

The Steinsaltz Global Jewish Learning Project, led by the Aleph Society  encourages and empowers Jews to increase their Jewish engagement and knowledge in fulfillment of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz’s motto – “Let My People Know”.

The Steinsaltz Global Jewish Learning Project includes three major program areas:

  • The Global Day of Jewish Learning
  • The Global Jewish Learning Institute and
  • Talmud Conversations.

The Steinsaltz Global Jewish Learning Project facilitates three main goals:

  • Building new and expanding old Jewish communal relationships as we move toward a unified Jewish community through the Global Day of Jewish Learning;
  • Creating Jewish learning ОБЩИНЫ where individuals can grow in individual Jewish literacy while engaging in compelling Jewish conversations grounded in our sacred text, the Talmud;
  • Enabling educators, community professionals, lay leaders and activists to engage in text study, learn from each other and build community through joint studies that will also enrich their home ОБЩИНЫ.

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In addition you may КОНТАКТЫ Rachel Weiss-Berger, Project Director at

We look forward to working with you to achieve these goals.