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What is Good and Evil?

When you were a child, your parents probably urged you to be “good,”- by which they probably meant, “behave.” And if you’ve asked a friend how he feels, you’ve surely heard, “I’m good.”

If there are no absolutes when it comes to good, are there any absolutes when it comes to evil? Other religious traditions include the idea of “Deadly Sins” (generally wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony), but what О НАС Judaism?

What does it mean to be good? Can envy, lust, gluttony and greed ever be good? Is love ever evil?  What is good?  What is evil?

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Good is not a matter of a specific way of behavior, but of the right behavior. This means that any quality of speech or action can be right or wrong, depending upon the framework in which it exists.

There is no list of “Deadly Sins” in Jewish theology, nor is there a list of worthy virtues. We do not believe that good and evil are defined by particular qualities.

  • David Silver

    In philosophy class we studied good and evil. The concensus was that we would not have known good had evil not been present. Another way we looked at good or evil was that the concept was a matter of degrees. Some people will argue over a topic and really its a matter of what is prifitable, there is also the argument over two goods one must be better so the other is looked upon as bad. Evil to me means to purposely sin for gain.

  • poteaux

    It is my point of view that what is broadcast in the United States as humor is largely evil. What they call wit I call a cynical manifistation of envy. The producers of these programs may consider themselve as special artists. I consider them as bloodbrothers to the Destroyer.

  • poteaux

    I know of something good. In fact I know what is Great. It is the Day of the Lord, on that Day we shall see КТО has served G-d and КТО has not.

    Oh Great Master, I have sinned against you and you saw fit to punish me severely.
    All Glory is yours, Amen.

  • Poteaux

    It is the blood of spellbound christian prophets that sustain the life of the pope and his minions.

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