The Institute for Jewish Studies in the C.I.S.
Ongoing Programs and Activities
Mekor Haim Center - Moscow, Russia
Program Description
Target group
Number of participants benefiting from the program
Special features of the program
Historical background
Headquarters of the Institute in the FSU. Communication center for hundreds of communities throughout the FSU; base for seminars, lectures, and other projects. Rabbi Steinsaltz’s representative in Russia.
Community activists, educators, and individuals throughout the FSU.
Hundreds of thousands of Jews have benefited from the various projects of the Institute including its distribution of materials and mailings.

During this year, the Center has held 12 seminars with over 400 participants and nearly 400 activities involving 8-10,000 participants.
Serves as Rabbi Steinsaltz’s center for all activities in the F.S.U. It is the largest educational agency in the F.S.U. The Moscow center is well known, welcoming every one who comes with questions and for help with Judaism and Jewish life. The Center does not have a political function. It is an oasis of Israel and Jewish warmth in the F.S.U.
In 1988, Rabbi Steinsaltz opened the first Jewish educational center in Moscow in the USSR since 1917. Thousands of students participated in 13 programs, which included Yeshivat Mekor Haim, the Jewish University of Moscow, Lamed and the Institute for Jewish Community leaders. In 1996, the center burned to the ground. The Moscow Municipality has given Rabbi Steinsaltz a new building in downtown Moscow, which will be renovated and opened in 2000.
Further development of a public Jewish library, pedagogical center, multi-media center, Jewish store, cafe for Jewish youth, and welfare center for the needy.

In addition, efforts are under way to create a Jewish educational museum entitled, "Past, Present & Future" with Jewish artifacts and ritual items connected to Jewish life. These items will be exhibited and include explanations, learning materials, activities and seminars.