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Russian Edition of the Talmud
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Translated and adapted for Russian readers, with Rabbi Steinsaltz's commentary. Fourth and fifth volumes of the Russian edition are ready for printing.
Intellectuals, scholars and academics, and students of universities and Jewish schools.
First four volumes have been published and sold about 30,000 copies. The Russian edition of the Talmud is distributed in Russia and Israel.
One of the most complicated projects dealing with Jewish Rabbinical literature in Russian. Received the highest praise and evaluation from both Jewish and non-Jewish scholars.
This project has raised the education of the Russian Jew to a new level, enabling a far greater awareness of classical Jewish sources.
The first volume - "Introduction to the Talmud" was published in 1993 with the assistance of the Russian Academy of World Civilizations. The second volume - Tractate "Baba Metzia" was published in 1996. Tractate "Taanit" was published in 1998. The third & fourth volumes of "Otzar Ha-Talmud" ("Treasures of the Talmud") have been published, and are edited by the famous Russian philologist, Professor Sergey Averintzev.
The fifth volume of the "Otzar a-Talmud" ("Treasures of the Talmud") is slated to be published in 2002.