The Institute for Jewish Studies in the C.I.S.
Ongoing Programs and Activities
Program Description
Target group
Number of participants benefiting from the program
Special features of the program
Historical background
More than 220 titles in the Russian language.
Topics covered include education, research and Jewish studies, supplementary readings and materials for use in Russian speaking Jewish communities.
For all sectors and age groups of the Russian population. Books are widely distributed in Russia and are popular in Israel and in Russian speaking communities around the world.
Hundreds of thousands.
Total number of books, pamphlets and magazines published by the Institute is estimated at 3 million.
Many different kinds of materials and editions each targeted to a specific group; some published in conjunction with other academic institutes.
First editions of Rabbi Steinsaltz’s books were "underground" publications in the beginning of the 1980’s. To date, there are over 220 titles in Russian.
The Mekor Haim Center in Moscow will allow greater accessibility and exposure of the publications.

The fifth volume of the Otzar HaTalmud is expected to be published in 2002.