The Institute for Jewish Studies in the C.I.S.
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Jewish Media Support Project
Program Description
Target group
Number of participants benefiting from the program
Special features of the program
Historical background
Professional and financial support for Jewish newspapers in the former Soviet Union.
Large segments of the Jewish community in the former Soviet Union which regularly receive and read Jewish newspapers.
Over 50 Jewish newspapers and some non-Jewish publications participate in the Media Support Project. Their publications reach hundreds of thousands readers.

Responds to the great needs of Jewish newspapers in the former Soviet Union. Provides professional and financial support to publications.
Jewish Media Support project began in 1996. More than 1,800 articles have been published. The project includes a monthly interview with Rabbi Steinsaltz in the popular journal "Novoe Vremia."
Seminars for Jewish journalists, professional support to improve the quality of Jewish newspapers in the F.S.U.