The Institute for Jewish Studies in the C.I.S.
Ongoing Programs and Activities
The Jewish Information Center
Program Description
Target group
Number of participants benefiting from the program
Special features of the program
Historical background
Provides answers to questions concerning Judaism. The center uses fax, airmail and the internet to respond to questions on Jewish life, philosophy, history, and personal questions. Provides professional support to educators, community activists and individuals.
Everyone who wants to ask questions about Judaism. The Center also deals with professional issues in Jewish education and personal issues dealing with Jewish life.
1,000 letters a year, from hundreds of communities in the former Soviet Union. Many responses are published in newspapers provides greater exposure for common questions and issues.
The Institute is the only organization that addresses serious questions and provides immediate responses. The answers are provided by a competent team of educators, rabbis, supervised by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz.
The Information Center is also open via the Internet for other Russian speaking communities around the world.
The Jewish Information Center began in 1996. It grew in response to the hundreds of questions and letters addressed to Rabbi Steinsaltz on his visits to the former Soviet Union.
To give Russian speaking Jews from all over the world the chance to address their questions on Judaism.
To publish a collection of materials in the FSU and provide greater access to them via the Internet.