The Institute for Jewish Studies in the C.I.S.
Ongoing Programs and Activities
Jerusalem, Israel
Program Description
Target group
Number of participants benefiting from the program
Special features of the program
Historical background
Central office of the Institute, where publications, educational programs and ongoing activities of the Institute are prepared. Rabbi Steinsaltz is its chairman. He guides and participates in all ongoing activities: advising the staff, writing materials, and participating in the seminars and visits. The Jerusalem office also functions as the seminar center for leaders of the Bayit LeMidrash program, library for olim, and a center for Russian olim, and develops educational projects with Russian Jews around the world.
Russian speaking Jews all over the world.
Hundreds of thousands throughout the world.
Activities are guided by Rabbi Steinsaltz, who initiates the activities of the Institute in the F.S.U and participates in all its programs.
The Institute was founded in 1989 by Rabbi Steinsaltz to enable Russian Jews to become educated and active members of the Jewish people. The Institute operates in the former Soviet Union, Israel and around the world. The Institute microfilmed 300,000 pages of ancient Jewish manuscripts in Russian libraries, with the participation of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Library in Jerusalem. It founded Lamed, the Jewish University of Moscow, published the Talmud in Russian and supported the Jewish University of St. Petersburg, and initiated and participated in hundreds of projects and publications.
Creation of pedagogical center for Russian Olim in Israel; development of outreach programs for Russian Jews throughout the world; renovation of the educational center in Moscow.