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Historical background
Rabbi Steinsaltz’s visits to the Jewish communities in the F.S.U. Community visits, lectures, participation in academic gatherings, and meetings with official government bodies, and the Russian media.
Jewish communities in the entire region of the F.S.U.
Since 1996, Rabbi Steinsaltz has visited more that 45 communities in the F.S.U., meeting with more than 30,000 people.
Rabbi Steinsaltz’s meetings have made a great impression on the Jewish community and the wider public, including government representatives, community officials, and leading activists. The Rabbi, by virtue of his presence in hundreds of community meetings and events, has helped to strengthen Jewish national pride and identity.
At the invitation of Russia’s chief Rabbi, Rabbi Abraham Shayevitch, the Rabbi has become the spiritual mentor for thousands of Jews in the F.S.U. His personal visits, by far, have had a great impact on Jewish communal life in the F.S.U. He has visited the furthest corners of the F.S.U., from the Far East, Siberia, to the Jewish community of Tashkent, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.
To expand community visits, and further strengthen educational projects in collaboration with the local communities.