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Bait LeMidrash Peer-Study Program in Israel
Program Description
Target group
Number of participants benefiting from the program
Special features of the program
Historical background
In Israel, 45 study groups focus on Judaism representing some 25 cities. Bayit LeMidrash (immigrants) is taught by Olim and is intended for Olim. The classes are conducted twice a week. Monthly seminars for group leaders are held in Jerusalem. A pilot project has been launched in Siberia.
Olim who are interested in the study of Judaism in small group settings. Separate groups for young people and adults. Group leaders are Olim themselves.
5-600 participants in Israel.
Bayit LeMidrash is modeled after the small group settings popular in Russia. The clubs are free of any political or religious identification, thereby allowing Bayit LeMidrash members to focus seriously on their studies.
Bayit LeMidrash began in 1998 with 10 groups and has quickly grown into 45 groups in Israel. 3 groups meet in prison, which began first in Beer Sheva.
Expanding the number of groups. Continuing the development of materials and strengthening the education of the instructors.